DreamVision IT specializes in Vulnerability Management.  We believe in order to become a great

overall IT Security Professional, Vulnerability Management is very key. We offer our premier course

“How to Become an Expert in Vulnerability Management” in an self study based and as a four week

live mentor based class with the CEO of DreamVision IT LLC.


After successfully completing our Vulnerability Management Program, the student  has option

to become an intern of DreamVision IT LLC’s Vulnerability Management Program.

Note: This is an unpaid internship and it is designed for the student to gain real world experience give the student a greater chance of becoming employed. Upon  completion of the Vulnerability Management Course, DreamVision IT LLC will recommend students who have follow all guidelines and adhere to DreamVision IT LLC’s policies and procedures.


We offer a wide of consulting in IT Security realm, that covers Vulnerability Management, Security

Engineer, Security Architecture and Information Assurance to name a few. Please contact us at for a consultation and detailed overview of our services and fees.