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Penetration Testing Course


So you want to learn the ins and outs behind computer hacking and what actually goes on in the those action packed hollywood movies with the computer wizards!? Well now here is the chance to train and become a Penetration Tester!


Product Description

Train to become a Penetration Tester with DreamVision IT’s Penetration Testing Course! Learn what goes on behind the scenes and how to become equipped in the IT world full of hackers. Here are some things that will be covered:

  • Module 1 : Information Gathering

Information gathering is the most important phase of the overall pentesting engagement. A Penetration tester will use the information collected during this phase to map the attack surface and increase his chances to breach the organization in the same way criminals do. Students will see how to use different sources to perform information gathering phases.

  • Module 2 : Footprinting & Scanning

This module covers infrastructural information gathering. Remotely identifying operating systems, server applications and clients is of paramount importance to widen the attack surface and prepare the penetration tester for the vulnerability assessment activity and the following exploitation phase.

  • Module 3 : Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is the process through which a penetration tester uncovers all the vulnerabilities in a computer system or application. This module explains how vulnerability assessment can be carried out by means of automatic tools or manual investigation.

  • Module 4 : Web Attacks

This module dissects and explains the most widespread web application vulnerabilities. Students will study the most common web application attacks, starting from the information gathering phase to the exploitation phase. Students will learn how to perform attacks manually and then how to automate them by means of the most used tools.

  • Module 5 : System Attacks

From malware, through password cracking attacks, up to buffer overflows, students will learn the most common attack vectors used against computer systems nowadays. They will learn which malware they could use during an engagement. The Password Attacks chapter explains how to recover passwords from a compromised machine. Finally, an entire chapter will be dedicated to buffer overflows, one of the most used attack vectors against applications and operating systems.

  • Module 6 : Network Attacks

This module provides a comprehensive explanation of the most common and historical remote attacks. Students will learn attack techniques against authentication services, Windows file sharing and network devices. Every attack technique can be tested in a hands-on lab. The last two chapters explain in theory and in practice, how to use Metasploit and Meterpreter to automate attacks and penetration testing techniques.

The Self Study/Mentor Course is $300.00 and we offer a monthly course at $60.00 a month.



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